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Władysław Nehring o Rosji. Rosja o Władysławie Nehringu

  1. Michał Sarnowski


Vladislav Nehring about Russia. Russia about Vladislav Nehring

The aim of this article is to present Vladislav Nehring (1830–1909), eminent Polish Slavist, the professor of the Slavonic Philology Department of Wroclaw University and his academic works on Polish and Slavonic philology.

The analysis of his papers proves, that Russian folklore, literature and language were the scope of his research. His works contributed significantly to the academic discourse of that time. The crowning achievement of Vladislav Nehring's input into Russian philology was his being appointed associate member of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences in 1882. His achievements made him widely known and respected philologist and Slavist in Russia.The article shows the interest in Vladislav Nehring in Russian (also Soviet) academic  and reference works.

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Onomastica Slavogermanica

30, 2011

Strony od 113 do 119

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